Wire galvanizing for hot-dip galvanizing

The wire is pre-treated in the ring by pickling and rinsing. A number of wires from reels then run side by side over or in the bath under rollers through the zinc melt and are rewound onto reels after sufficient cooling or sprinkling with water.

A continuous throughput is achieved by connecting the ends and beginnings of the wires. If a thick layer of zinc is desired, the wire is allowed to run out unhindered; for a thinner layer, the running speed is reduced or part of the zinc is stripped off directly above the bath with asbestos or cork. The automatic wire galvanizing Crapo process produces real wire gefl in two grades. The “Prima” quality is made from raw wire and then galvanized. The junctions are connected by zinc so that a higher zinc coating is achieved. With the “Sekunda” quality, normal or heavily galvanised wire is used. In addition, the wire can also be electrolytically galvanised (DIN 1548: Zinc coating of round steel wires).

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