Continuous detoxification

The continuous detoxification of waste water is/was in place where larger quantities of waste water are constantly produced. Here cyanide, chromic acid and other waste water must be treated separately. The chemicals used for detoxification are added to the waste water either continuously via the dosing device or from time to time in special containers. Sometimes special mixing tanks are also used. In contrast to the stand detoxification, the collection basins are usually omitted with this detoxification. The waste water is clarified in sedimentation or clarification tanks.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, continuous detoxification has been banned in Germany because it was considered “not process safe”. At the beginning of the turn of the millennium, continuous detoxification became fashionable again, at least in theory, because modern control and regulation technology can get process safety under control and this detoxification method fits better into the continuity of production. Since the construction of continuous detoxification systems is still banned in Germany, the theory remains the same.

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