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      The Galvanotechnik-for-you Community (GTFYC) is governed by the following rules, which are intended to promote coexistence among users and to ensure that all actions are in compliance with applicable laws.

      1.) General information

      The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union must be observed. Disregard can lead to criminal prosecution. At this point we would like to point out that you do not make anonymous contributions to the GTFYC. The moderators and operators (administrators) of the community have the possibility to collect relevant data, which may be used to identify the perpetrator of violations. Access to the GTFYC and its use cannot be requested, sued or otherwise enforced in any way. The administration reserves the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw the privilege of use from individual users at any time without giving reasons.

      2.) Netiquette

      In the GTFYC the netiquette usual for newsgroups is to be preserved. You communicate here with other people, therefore we ask you to refrain from insults, insults or the like. In case of disregard of the netiquette you have to reckon with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick) on the part of the administration. Please also note that you may also see certain comments with humour and not take everything seriously.

      Consequences if the rules are disregarded:

      A distinction is made between admonition, warning & kick:

      Warning is the simple verbal hint to stop a certain behaviour in the future. A warning is a note from the administration. Every user can have a warning; if another warning is added, this automatically leads to exclusion (kick) from the GTFYC. Warnings usually expire after a period of six months and can be requested from the administration.

      Exclusion (kick) refers to the withdrawal of writing rights for the GTFYC. In special cases, exclusion (kick) may occur without prior warning. If a user has registered a second user name (nick) in order to use it clearly for illegal activities, and this is clearly visible at a low posting counter level, this can also lead to immediate exclusion (kick).

      3.) Pirated copies, illegal software and illegal links

      The inquiry, promotion, advertising and linking of copyrighted content for illegal purposes is prohibited. Betas, leaks and other illegal software on the Internet also fall under this regulation. However, discussions about the consequences of a leak are permitted. Violations are punished, depending upon hardness, with a warning, warning and/or exclusion (kick).

      4.) Use of the search function

      If available, use the search function to prevent duplicate posts (cross postings) and not to discuss previously discussed topics again. An exception are obsolete (several years old) posts. In this case, a new post is preferable.

      5.) Contributions only in the right forum

      The GTFYC has several forums, all of which have clearly structured subject areas. Post only in the forum that matches the topic. Moderators have the right as well as the duty to move wrongly located posts without prior warning.

      6.) Spamming

      The creation of so-called spamming contributions is not desired. The following offences against this will be prosecuted: Mass creation of posts with the same content (threads) and/or replies, including cross postings, i.e. posting the same post in several forums.

      Posts that do not serve any purpose, but seem to serve only to increase the post counter. Pure smilie posts, which apparently only serve to increase the post counter; such as the simple posting of a vomit smiley in a serious discussion.

      Posts that aim to demotivate discussion participants and/or are not conducive to discussion. To improve the level of discussion, posting “Wayne” and “Bart” posts, as well as any variations, is prohibited. Contributions to discussions must be well-founded. So if you are not interested in a topic, you should stay out of the discussion so that others have a chance to talk. Violations of the rules are punished with a warning or exclusion (kick).

      No spamming is:

      Placement of pure Smilie contributions or even only one “+++”, if it serves the discussion and does not occur more often. The so-called “Moin” and “N8” posts are generally excluded from the spamming rules, as long as they are not abused for the clear violation of the same.

      “Celebration threads”, which may only be created for celebrating a full thousand posts in the posting counter or for unusual occasions such as birthdays, public holidays, etc..

      7.) Help beginners

      Help beginners and newly registered users to find their way around the GTFYC.

      8.) Meaningful headings

      Titles like “Please help me!”, “I have a problem!”, “IMPORTANT!”, “What do you say?” or “@ all” are not welcome. Also undesirable are headings that are only intended to arouse curiosity and have contrary content. This also includes the penetrating use of capitalization in headings. Striking and frequent disregard of the rule is punished with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

      9.) Contributions of criminal content

      Contributions that deal with criminal behaviour, activities and actions should be avoided unless they are based on an objective basis.

      10.) Pornography & adult adult life

      The linking, advertising and depiction of pornographic and adult content will not be tolerated. Disregard is punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      11.) Contributions of racist content

      Contributions that call for racial hatred and incitement to hatred can lead to criminal prosecution.

      12.) Discrimination

      Discrimination against minorities and the physically or mentally handicapped will not be tolerated and will be punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      13.) Advertising and IDs

      Advertising private and commercial homepages and IDs for making money on the Internet will not be tolerated. Excluded from this regulation are the signatures and informative references which contribute to a current discussion. Also excluded are links that offer added value for a discussion. Violations of the rules are punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      14.) Glorification of drugs

      The advertising and promotion of drugs of any kind is prohibited. Excluded from this regulation are factual discussions on the subject. Non-compliance will be punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      15.) Glorification of violence

      The distribution, linking and illustration of content glorifying violence is prohibited and will be punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      16.) Profile and signature

      No links that violate the forum rules will be tolerated in the user profile and the user signature. If warnings are disregarded, the administration reserves the right to change the corresponding entries. Violations of the rules will be punished with a warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      17.) Report contributions

      Please report contributions only if it concerns a contribution, which offends clearly against the forum rules. The abuse is punished with warning, warning or exclusion (kick).

      18.) Dealing with knowledge

      The GTFYC promotes any kind of information dissemination which serves the purpose of electroplating. This can also mean the handling or production of dangerous goods. The operators of this forum are not liable for the application of this knowledge! The handling of chemicals and equipment customary in the industry is only intended for trained specialists and should only be carried out in appropriate facilities.

      19.) Individual cases not covered by the regulations

      In individual cases, which are not covered by the present rules, the administration decides on the basis of the available facts.

      The administration reserves the right to change and extend these rules. Please note that not everything that appears in pure text form without smilies and out of context will be considered as insult or discrimination. Humor in general as well as cynicism, satire, irony, sarcasm in particular cases cannot and will not be considered as insult or discrimination. Cynicism and mockery are individually evaluated by the administration.

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