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General Questions

Galvanotechnik for you is an Internet platform from Leuze Verlag. The two focal points of the site are knowledge transfer and information exchange in the field of electroplating technology.
By registering you can actively participate in the community as a user.

Both the forum, in which topics are discussed and problems discussed with experts, and the opportunity to take part in learning courses. The courses should cover all important topics in the field of electroplating.
These are experts in electroplating technology. The GURUs answer special questions asked by trainees in the forum of the same name.
Just send us a short mail. It should contain your username. Your account will be deleted as soon as possible.

Community features

In the menu under Community go to Profile and then to Settings. Under Global settings you can change your first and last name as you like and thus also change the name displayed.
Sie klicken im Menü in Community auf Profil. Dann wählen Sie Einstellungen und dann Passwort. Geben Sie Ihr neues Passwort in die beiden Felder ein und bestätigen Sie den Vorgang mit einem Klick auf den Button "Änderungen Speichern".
The experience points are determined by your activity on the site.

There are points for:

- Registration
- One year membership
- Daily visits to the site
- Reading posts in the forum
- Creating forum posts
- The completion of learning courses

The experience points should allow a comparison of the activities on the site.
These are based on the experience points. The designation of the ranks is based on the voltage series of the elements.

Buy courses

1.) The course contents are compact, practice-oriented and modern.
2.) The online courses are always at hand on all devices.
3.) With the numerous exercise questions you can test your acquired knowledge.
4.) Nach dem Kurs erhalten Sie ein Zertifikat als Bestätigung, dass Sie den Kurs absolviert haben. Dieses Zertifikat können Sie Ihren Bewerbungsunterlagen beilegen.
You can use the purchased course as often as you like.
If you have not made an immediate bank transfer, this may take a few days. Once your payment has been received, the course will be activated on the same working day.
There are several options:
1.) You have mistyped / read out. The code contains only lower case letters and numbers. So there is no capital O, only a zero. Neither is a capital I, but a one. Please check whether your input is correct.
2.) The code is time limited and expired.
3.) The code is invalid or has already been used. If you can exclude this, please contact us so that we can help you.

Galvanic calculator

The use of the complete computer is free of charge and does not require registration.
Entering commas in the Microsoft Edge Browser can lead to errors. Just try setting a dot instead of a comma.
Most calculations are performed on the server. This means: you enter numbers, press "Calculate" and send the data to the server. The server will send you the results. The entered data is not stored by us.
There may be several reasons for this. Values such as density and separation equivalent can vary depending on the table. You can see which values we use from the output formula. Here you can also check whether your calculation is identical to ours.
Mistakes happen. If you find one on your computer, please contact us.

Take courses

No. Since the courses are not live, you can book and complete them at any time.
There are two possibilities:

1.) Go to Courses->Purchased courses and select your order. Click on the course name.
2.) Go to Courses->All courses and select the purchased course.

Then click on the tab lessons. When you click on the first lesson, the course starts.
There is no restriction. Only the practice questions have to be completed within the given time. During the lessons you can take as much time as you want.
Yes, as often as you like. Even if you want to learn a lesson as a done you can always go back in.
No. You can jump back and forth between lessons at will. In order to better understand the context of the contents we recommend to follow the order.
In the main menu, click on Community on My course overview. In the tab certificates you will get an overview with all certificates you have obtained so far.
You can complete a lesson if you are done with it. This will affect your progress and the green icons behind the lessons will tell you which lesson you are through with. Depending on the course, you may also need to have completed at least 80% of the lessons.
With this button you can skip a question.
Here you can go through the questions and see your own answers.
This indicates that you can repeat the quiz twice more.
This takes you back to the summary/overview of the relevant section.
In the main menu, click on Community on My course overview. In the tab Courses click on the tab below Purchased and get a table with all courses and progresses.
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